welcome to my
webbed site!

cat fursona holding a plushie of derpy hoovesart by nebuxlae

this is my little corner of the internet, i'm not quite sure what all i have planned for it! ^_^ i've been thinking this can be my place to show off things that i make, write about my life and interests, and to help others! i am a bit busy all the time so updates may be all over the place, but i will try to update as much as i can. i hope you enjoy your stay and have fun exploring!

if you'd like some navigation tips for my site, all blue text is clickable and will lead to a new page or show more information. a lot of textboxes are scrollable, so try it out! if you hover over any image, it will show a description or art credit!

please note that this site is still a huge work in progress, so some links may not work or be complete yet!

if you have comments, questions, or inquiries (no small talk please!), feel free to email me at cybrgay@proton.me